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Is a Vizslamentés rescue right for me?

Vizslamentés rescue dogs have come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have been abused, and many have been subjected to neglect and usually poor nutrition. Whilst any that have permanent known damage, including fear aggression, are not put up for adoption, they will all nevertheless need particular care, input, reassurance and sensitivity in order to adjust to their new lives. The input that new adopters put in to the early weeks/months will pay enormous dividends later on, so it is important that adopters appreciate that they will need to invest a lot of time and energy, especially in the early days. These dogs are not “papered” (i.e. they do not come with pedigrees), and as such, cannot compete in KC events such as Working Tests, or shows run under KC regulations etc. Whilst we have indicated that they often have a much stronger prey-drive than UK-bred dogs, this does not mean they will automatically make good working dogs. They are primarily best adopted with the aim in mind of being a much-loved forever family pet, and anything else such as agility or working will then be a bonus. All of our rescues are fostered in a home environment, we never use kennels. This allows us to fully assess the dogs and ensure that adopters know everything we have discovered about the dog – we believe a fully honest assessment helps to ensure the dogs settle in to their new homes as quickly as possible. Vizslas and other HPR (hunt point retrieve) breeds are very different to any other breeds, including other gundogs. Their characters are individual and varied. But most are very alert and active (even hyper), and they enjoy the company and interaction with people and other dogs. They need good, regular exercise and mental stimulation – and you need to be fit and active to keep up with them. Vizslas do not do well if left alone for long periods, and will become bored and destructive as they are highly intelligent. If you have not owned one of these dogs before, please do your research carefully. Speak to as many experienced owners as possible, and if possible meet up with a group of Viz Whizzers (gatherings of Vizsla owners held in various locations across the UK for walks, socialisation, fun and play) to see the dogs at their liveliest best (and probably muddiest if there are any ponds about!) But, if you have bags of time, patience, love, kindness, common sense, humour, and tons of energy, and love being kept on your toes – then please contact us to find out how to go about adopting one of our gorgeous rescues. Please send me an adoption pack….. [enter your email address, some basic info, message]